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What is an CPA Network?

CPA means Cost Per Action. An Affiliate Network (like SoftRevenue) connects Publishers and Advertisers and manages the tracking and payments for all parties involved. Advertisers to work with Networks because they gain access to thousands of Affiliates without having to manage the relationship with each one.

What is CPA Marketing?

A affiliates (or Publishe) is a person or company that makes money online by promoting 3rd party services or products over the Internet.They can be website owners,email marketers, search marketers, etc.

What role does SoftRevenue play in online advertising?

Affiliates seek to generate advertising revenue from their websites and mailings lists but often lack in time or size to deal directly with multiple large sponsors. On the flip side, advertisers want traffic to generate sales and leads for their websites without the commitment of dealing with hundreds of individual affiliates. SoftRevenue acts as a single point of contact for advertisers and affiliates, acting as a trusted source for both sides. affiliates benefit from having access to hundreds of advertising campaigns and receiving a single aggregated “always on time” commission payment from SoftRevenue. Advertisers benefit by having their CPA campaigns made available to thousands of affiliates without having to recruit or maintain a single one.

Who is an Advertiser?

company/A person selling goods or services; also known as the merchant.The advertiser pays affiliates for sending traffic to his website or application after a desired action is completed (a product or service purchased, a download made, etc).

What is CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC and CPM?

CPC is Cost Per Click and defines a commission generated upon a click of the offer.CPA is Cost Per Acquisition (or Action) – a valid lead as defined by the advertiser.CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPS (Cost Per Sale) are often used interchangeably depending on the action needed to be taken. CPM represents Cost Per Thousand (M is the roman numeral for Thousand), which is a set payment for email based on every thousand names to which they mail an offer.

Does SoftRevenue accept international affiliates and advertisers?

We accept affiliates and advertisers from all over the world.

When are affiliates paid?

Our minimum payout is $50 . Once an affiliate reach the minimum payout, will receive  payment from us, they are automatically placed on a weekly payment schedule if they are receiving their payments electronically.

How do I become an affiliate?

First step is to sign up here and validate the confirmation email we send. An affiliate manager will review your website for appropriate content. The second step is phone contact with an affiliate manager so we can understand how you intend to advertise our sponsors.

Is phone verification required to become an affiliate?

Yes. If we cannot reach you by phone to have a simple discussion about your methods of advertising, you will not be approved into the network.

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